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Rubber's Lover - Shozin Fukui (1996)

Duration: 01:30:32
Directed by: Shozin Fukui
Actors: Nao, Norimizu Ameya, Yôta Kawase
Language: Japanese (English Sub)
Country: Japan
Genre: Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi, Horror
Description of Rubber’s Lover movie: A couple of scientists working on an interesting project, whose goal is to reveal the mental capacities of people. Sponsors decide that the project is meaningless, so are sent to a lab secretary who shall inform scientists about the closure of the project and download all the data. In the rush to scientists conduct last experiment, which basically was a success. Madness begins …
Review: The tape is neither a full-fledged film or prolonged roller or kitschy clip.
This is where you can watch the psychoses Japanese, so unlike the Europeans. If their is a lot of humor, cruelty , then the image of violence and piercing , sharp , cold fear hardly find them equal . ( Take the phenomenon of the ” fans of Japanese horror ,” somehow separate themselves from the others)
The general atmosphere is typical for industrial and urban postapokalipsis hopelessness decline of civilization , machine bondage. There is a certain amount of cyberpunk aesthetics . Sound – in the spirit of sbrendil Merzbow. Screams. With difficulty starting to remember where did I in the same amount they used to ” load up ” ? And once I understand that efforts are likely futile. The ratio shout / word in the overall context of an incredibly large. Fetishism . Operated by the images allude to sexual deviation creators and their enjoyment of self-expression , when most of the scenes they tried to portray “in a savory “, despite the black-and- white format.



Movie: http://wipfiles.net/cwaawlyute7q.html 
Eng. Subtitle: http://wipfiles.net/qb87kflla40a.html

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